Or Do You Even Dream?

Off the top of my head.
The search for life – to live.
Not stopping.
And then I’ve hit my wonderwall.
Thoughts of you flood back into my head.
Suffocating, but in a good way if that’s possible. Like the fraying of a great dream you know you’re waking up from and you’re teetering on the edge of reality and imagination.
Imagination is candy.
And you don’t want to give it up.
To succumb to it.
Odd that you’re coming into consciousness and clarity and you yearn for the dream.
The unknown.
Would we, in reality, do the same if we knew it was safe? That we could wake up from it all and the mistakes that we have made would have had no consequence?
But there would be no accomplishments.
What would you have in this parallel world.
Or do you even dream?

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